Gastronomie dans le Nord " Unique cheeses

Philippe Olivier (R) campaigns in the region and throughout France to defend raw-milk cheeses.

Today is the 9th National Cheese Day. Philippe Olivier, fromager-affineur in Boulogne-sur-Mer and Lille, and president of the Syndicat des crémiers et fromagers-affineurs, explains the specificities of our regional specialties.

Philippe Olivier, the crème de la crème of affineurs

On his business card, Philippe Olivier describes himself as a "collector" and "expert consultant". An art dealer? He comes close. For him, cheeses are part of the national cultural heritage, to be kept alive and sometimes restored. Thirty years of keeping them alive, and sometimes restoring them. Thirty years of defending a masterpiece, in his eyes: local cheese made from raw milk.

Passing on the baton to the next generation

Senior managers face different issues to senior employees. When it comes to distancing themselves from their companies, how do they operate and how do they pass on the baton?

Philippe Olivier, the master of cheeses

Fromager affineur Philippe Olivier is known the world over. He's also a shrewd businessman.

Philippe Olivier, a name often heard on the radio, in the mouth of a certain Jean-Pierre Coffe. The latter sees this Boulonnais by adoption as one of France's greatest cheese ripeners.

Master ripener Philippe Olivier makes a big deal of it

Awarded the Rabelais Trophy for Best Cheesemaker in France in 1996, Philippe Olivier, from Boulogne-sur-Mer, passes on his passion for dairy cheese not only throughout France, but also far beyond our borders, across the Channel and across the Channel. His cheeses grace the finest Michelin-starred tables. All the way to the Land of the Rising Sun!

Philippe Olivier travels to the land of cheese

At Philippe Olivier, cheese is a family affair. The fourth in the dynasty, Romain welcomes you to his store in the heart of Boulogne-sur-Mer. Philippe, the father, president of the French Cheesemakers Association and recently retired, settled in Boulogne-sur-Mer in 1974.

Set man

A native of Normandy, Philippe Olivier arrived in our region 35 years ago. A renowned affineur, the Boulonnais defends the raw-milk cheese tradition with the conviction of a Greek orator. This is the country where people eat the most cheese in the world.