Philippe Olivier travels to the land of cheese

Philippe Olivier travels to the land of cheese

At Philippe Olivier, cheese is a family affair. The fourth in the dynasty, Romain welcomes you to his store in the heart of Boulogne-sur-Mer. Philippe, the father, president of the French Cheese Makers' Association and recently retired, settled in Boulogne-sur-Mer in 1974. His son, Romain, takes over from him. At the end of August, he will inaugurate a fifteenth outlet in Lens. Cheese ripeners from father to son, the Olivier family has been telling the story of France's flavors since 1907. As a collector, Romain Olivier selects his 250 to 350 cheeses (depending on the season) from producers all over France and Europe. "They arrive here quarto or half-ripened. Part of my job is to sublimate them and develop their aromas in our maturing cellars. Each cheese requires special care and a great deal of patience, up to 3 years for certain Parmesan cheeses." Cheese is an art that takes time. "However," warns Romain, "it's not just the length of maturation that determines the quality of a cheese, but the mastery of an infinite number of details: the climate; the animal's diet; the quality of the care given, etc." Philippe Olivier's customers rely on this science of cheese-making without error! The range, made up entirely of genuine artisanal farmhouse cheeses, is mouth-watering, from Comté, made from exceptional furniture, to Vieux-Boulogne and Crémet from Cap-Blanc-Nez. Even when exporting internationally, to Singapore for example, Romain always takes the time to explain the subtleties of each cheese. "I admire the men and women who fight to make the best products. And my role is to defend this quality. I share a wonderful human adventure with them. "


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