A true philosophy

Born into a family of cheese collectors, ripeners and merchants since 1907, Philippe & Romain Olivier have never ceased to cultivate and perfect the techniques and secrets of the art of ripening!


They are tireless finders of forgotten cheeses to which they give new life. They are also the farmers who continue to promote France's cheese heritage, the most important in the world.

In short, it's a whole culture of the cheese cause, of defending raw milk cheese, of quality over quantity.

Unwitting ecologists before their time, Philippe & Romain Olivier have always favored small producers located in unspoiled natural surroundings...

Cheese is their passion, and what they love is "to offer something good, quite simply and quite naturally.

Our mission

Every day, we strive to ensure the ripening and distribution to the four corners of the globe of high-quality dairy products, mainly cheeses, selected and collected from producers, primarily farmers and craftsmen, all the while respecting traditions, the natural environment and health standards, to offer gastronomes and gourmets the pleasure of tasting and discovering, or even rediscovering, real, authentic cheeses.

In short, cheeses with taste.

In order to carry out our mission successfully, we strive every day to perform our 3 professions to the best of our ability and as a team: