Learn the best way to cut your cheese and present your platter like a chef! 


Cheese can't be stored forever, but there are a few tricks you need to know to prolong its life. We tell you all about them!


Did you know that there are seasons when it comes to choosing cheeses? Our team will help you make your choice!

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Too fatty, too high in calories, too high in lactose... Down with cheese prejudices! We lift the veil on all your nutritional questions.

Tasting cheese,

is an art.

At Fromages Philippe Olivier team of cheese enthusiasts is there to inform and advise you on cheese origins, production methods, flavors and perfect pairings for a successful cheese platter.

Be curious, dare to pass through the door of our stores in Boulogne-Sur-Mer, Calais, Lens, Lille... observe our stalls, our selections of the moment, the way our cheeses are presented to you.

Awaken your senses: listen, look, taste, soak up the good smells of our cheeses... To complement the advice given by our team, you'll find here a summary of the latter, to help you master the "art of tasting"!