Marc Meurin, starred Ch'ti

Marc Meurin, starred chef

The chef talks in no particular order about his chef friends, Alexandre Gauthier's first star, his friendship with his father, Roland Gauthier, and ... his passion for quinoa. "What about local produce?" you might ask of this man, who invented a recipe for Saint-Moret cheese cake speculos-style on his return from a trip to New York. "Our trademark is the old-fashioned confectionery cart! I got the idea when we were in Béthune. This is the North, with its fêtes and ducasses!" The menu includes a maroilles fritter with chicory salad, a cod waterzoï with bouchot mussels and a kriek sorbet. "We're lucky to live in a country with so many different terroirs. It's only natural that we should draw inspiration from them and show them off." Simple, generous and in love with good things. Ch'ti through and through...

He's a true "Cheutimi", as he likes to say with a smile. Meet Marc Meurin, a man in the image of his cuisine: generous and inventive.

A meeting with Marc Meurin in the salon of the Château de Beaulieu is a real treat. A man of taste who loves people and good things. I'm a real Cheutimi!" he jokes. My father was a railway worker. My mother was a housewife. I used to turn her stoves around a lot. One day, she said to me: 'There's a cookery school in Lille, why don't you enroll there?

The Quesnoy farm

My creamer

1 121, Rue du Château, Busnes 62

La ferme du Quesnoy. "Delphine Hannebicq is a real enthusiast. That's where I get my breakfast yoghurts... "

Busnes garden

Mon Primeur

Route de Saint-Venant, Busnes 62

"They're a young couple with a very innovative self-service concept. People come with their baskets and pick their own vegetables, fruit and flowers. It's really very nice..."

Philippe Olivier

Mon Fromager
43, Rue Adolphe Thiers, Boulogne-sur-Mer, 62
"I must be one of Philippe Olivier's oldest customers! He's a master cheesemaker who practises his craft with great talent. He offers top-of-the-range traditional cheeses from all over France. And he exports a lot."

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