Ready to eat

an easy-to-swallow revolution for the Seafood Centre


A Meilleur Ouvrier de France "fruitier" and affineur Romain Olivier at Capécure, it's possible!

We're eating more and more ready-made meals. At Capécure, we're keeping a close eye on this change, as is the Centre de formation aux produits de la mer, which is launching sessions where fruit, vegetables and dairy products will be combined with fish. A revolution in the kitchen!

An incongruous encounter

"Don't forget to stand behind the glass, as the skins on the castors can sometimes splatter," warns Vincent Coatana, director of the Centre de formation aux produits de la mer et de la terre. For forty years, fish has been king here. Thousands of filleters and seafood workers have passed through the stalls and worktops of the Verdun Street establishment. We're always looking to improve our training. For example, we take on butchers who know how to handle knives, to advise us on how to cut them. A knife that cuts well is a less dangerous knife." But on Monday, two "intruders" had been invited by the manager: Brigitte Delanghe, Meilleur Ouvrier de France in the fruit-primer speciality, and Romain Olivier, who has been running the cheese stores set up by his father Philippe for the past two years.

"We're experiencing a small revolution: consumers are increasingly opting for ready-made meals. This is what we call ready-to-eat."

a mutation, well accompanied

It's no longer enough to fillet salmon, you have to accompany the pink paving stones with well-chosen vegetables, and why not with a good cheese to sell them better? We wanted to surround ourselves with the best people to anticipate this change," insists Vincent Coatana. I want them to advise us as much as possible." In a few weeks' time, the first trainees in an original training program will be arriving.

The regional council is financing training courses for 86 jobseekers at a "sectoral technical workshop". The aim is to enable them to discover the different specialties of the food industry, during 35 hours at the center and 35 hours on the job. It's an opening that may well enable these people to return to employment in sectors where recruitment is still possible.

"We wanted to surround ourselves with the best people to anticipate this change," insists the manager.

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